A Comparison Between Stallions And Thoroughbred Horses

A Comparison Between Stallions And Thoroughbred Horses January 16, 2014

We all are very familiar with the terms Stallion and Thoroughbred Horses but how many of us actually know about the thin line of difference between the two? Well, both are horses and are used for horse racing is something that we all know; still there are some well established differences between the two. Here is a good comparison between the two.

Thoroughbred Horses


Let us start with the basic definition. A stallion is a male horse that has all its hormones intact. Its name arrives from a very early era when they were tied to stalls because of their aggressive behaviour. A thoroughbred is literally a thorough bred horse; meaning the thoroughbreds were bred from Oriental Stallions and British Mares in order to get a breed that will possess the highlighted qualities of both like good height, better temper, sturdiness and running speed. No wonder they are also referred to as pure-bred as well.


Stallions are found in almost every part of the globe and have appearance as per the climatic conditions at that particular place. Thoroughbreds were bred in England and hence are based out of the United Kingdom even though you can find them in other countries as well.


Stallions usually have a thick and stronger neck and are more muscular and heavier. Thoroughbreds have a slightly thinner neckline when compared to the Stallions. The tall and slim physique of thoroughbreds makes it suitable for equestrian sports.



Stallions are very good athletes and are well known for participating in races, shows and competitions in Olympics whereas Thoroughbreds are mainly used only for horseracing. They are also used for polo, fox hunting, show jumping etc.


Each animal has a very peculiar kind of behaviour. The stallions are generally prone to have an aggressive behaviour. Any student can be trained and disciplined by the right teacher. Similarly, provided they have a firm and experienced trainer, then they can be trained and disciplined to greater heights. In natural environments, they tend to behave like a regular horse. One of the main and good behavioural characteristic in a thoroughbred is that they are very highly spirited and bold. Their speed, loyalty and agility are the other plusses.


Thoroughbreds are often used to crossbreed in order to create some more breeds that have the good characteristics. Quarter horse, Anglo-Arabian and Standardbred are some of the breeds that have thoroughbreds as a parent. One of the not so good things about thoroughbreds is that they exert themselves too much that they often end up with heath problems. The common problem what they face with is lung bleeding, small hearts and low fertility. Stallions on the other hand, though they dint suffer from any common health issues, due to their aggressive nature, are prone to fight with other stallions even until death so make sure you get thoroughbred insurance quotes and check out the various cover offered.

Stallions are also used for domestic purposes. Care should be taken to train them in such a way that their natural aggressive behavior is tamed and kept under constant check. Else, their tendency to bite during aggressive times might be a very dangerous.

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