Help Your Broodmare Get Back To Her Best

Help Your Broodmare Get Back To Her Best October 31, 2014

A broodmare is often pictured as the pot bellied sway backed creature that is grazing in the pasture. Years of carrying foals to term takes its toll on the broodmare and not many people bother about taking care of these animals that are invariably the reason for the flourishing horse racing sport and for the development of cross breeds such as the Thoroughbreds. It is not necessary for the broodmare to live a life like that, as it all depends on the owners on how they take care of this special animal that helps in taking the equestrian legacy forward.

Masters can take care of their broodmares by giving them some simple exercises that make them as smart as their male counterparts. Let’s look at what causes this sway back posture of the mares in the first place. Many people have the misconception that this is because of the loss of muscle tone over a period of time. But the truth is far from that. The muscles that hold the horse’s belly up aren’t any different from the muscles that hold ours in.

Fitness levels are discussed in plenty for humans these days and little do people realise that it is the same for equestrians as well. Horses are blessed with large abdominal muscles that form the core muscle group along with the others and help in lifting and giving that round shape to the horse’s back presenting a smart top line. When the core abdominal strength is lost because of carrying babies and giving birth to them, the weight of the abdomen draws these muscles downward thanks to the gravity. This causes the sway-back in mares.

Though this is the case with most of the broodmares some of them have this posture because they carry themselves hollow just out of habit than anything else. These horses are mostly the ones that are not cared for by their masters. Out of habit these horses do not know that it is possible to walk with dignity and pride and that they can move about with a strong core. It is possible to strengthen the muscles of the broodmares and help them get back that grace and pride. Here is how you can do it;


Reflex Point Exercises

Very similar to the human body, horses too have reflex points. These points can be exercised by applying pressure that will cause various involuntary movements of the horse’s body. These exercises can be done as part of the daily routine with no additional effort from neither the master nor the horse. All that needs to be done is focus on these points. This will help your horses get the crunching exercises done for them. These focus points exercising will help horses move in a collected and athletic manner thereby making sure they tone their muscles over a period of time.

Backing Up on Hills

You can back up your horse on hills with its head tucked low. At first your mare will resist this, and while giving in would back with its head held high. But very quickly it will realise that backing up with its head lower down is much easier and would start doing it. It is important though to start on flat ground initially as your horse would not be used to backing up at all.

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