Tips For Selecting The Best Racehorses

Tips For Selecting The Best Racehorses October 29, 2014

Selecting a horse for yourself might be a tough task if you do not know the basic requirements. Selecting racehorses will be an even more difficult task if you do not have the right knowledge. It may seem out of the box for some but if you know some basic rules, it will be a piece of cake. Here are some of the basic yet important points to be considered while selecting a racehorse.

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  • The first point that one has to get right is the age of the thoroughbred. The younger ones can run faster than the older ones. The speed is said to deteriorate with age. Care should also be taken that the racehorse is not too young to take the load.
  • The height of the racehorse should be about 64 inches from head to toe. This is to make sure that that the thoroughbred can balance itself properly and also have a good speed while racing. A good balance in the structure is very important so that the racehorse is not often prone to injuries.
  • The heart of the thoroughbreds should be weighing about ten pounds. Some of the well known racehorses have hearts weighing nearly twenty pounds.
  • The thumb rule is that an alert racehorse can win more races than a dumb one. So it is highly recommended that you check for the alertness factor. Often thoroughbreds with pointed ears and good responsiveness are said to be more alert. It is not easy to determine the alertness by looking at the horse for a couple of minutes; they have to be observed for longer periods of time.
  • Most famous and successful racehorses have large nostrils. This fact can also be considered and counted for while selecting racehorses.
  • The feet are the most important part of the body for racehorses. Strong bones and muscles are required for the horse, initially for the training period and also for the actual races.
  • The shoulders have to be muscular to give good support to the neck during racing.
  • The neck of the stallion should also be muscular and have enough space for unobstructed breathing, which is highly essential.
  • Look out for horses that are on their toes. It shows that us how they look at themselves. These are the ones that are more likely to give you more returns on your investment.
  • Check out race horse insurance quotes from established companies and study the various coverage available.

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Finding the right trainer for your horses is as important as finding the right horses. Just like the role of a teacher or mentor is very important for a student, the role of a trainer plays a very crucial part of the life of a racehorse. There are plenty of trainers available and one has to be sure that the right match is picked.

Though all these points look so easy to identify, getting your hands on the right horse first time may not be. As you look into more racehorses and make them participate in races, it will eventually become a piece of cake.

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