Top Five Benefits Of Dressage And Show Jumping

Top Five Benefits Of Dressage And Show Jumping December 15, 2013

Eventing is one of the best equestrian events that is being done. An equestrian event is any event that uses a horse in it. Similarly, Eventing is the event where a horse and its rider participate and win together. It not only highlights the individual skills and the competencies of the horse or the rider, it also shows how they can perform as a team. Eventing consists of dressage, cross-country and show-jumping.

show jumping

Top Five Benefits Of Dressage

Dressage is an activity wherein the horse and the rider have to do a series of moves that are instructed well in advance. The main advantages of dressage are as below.

  • The memory of the horse and the rider is put in to test. Both of them have to remember the right moves and act accordingly. The rider should be able to smoothly take the horse across the right path in a stipulated amount of time.
  • Dressage also tests how the horse and the rider synchronize with each other. They have to think and act together in order to perform a very smooth dressage activity.
  • Dressage is a way to identify the horse’s athletic ability. Just making sure that the horse has the will to perform and therefore it can be used for riding purposes.
  • As the horse gets used to the dressage, its movements will become smoother and it will respond to the rider’s instructions with ease.
  • The performance of the horse and its rider is rated through performance and hence it will be easy to identify as well trained horse than the others.

The way in which dressage is performed looks like the horse is dancing to the tunes of the rider and no wonder why it is also frequently referred to as Horse Ballet.

Dressage And Show Jumping

Show Jumping

Show jumping is an equestrian event that showcases the jumping talents of the horse involved. The horse will have to jump over obstacles which can have horizontals, verticals and combinations. Horses can get hurt from time to time so decent showjumping insurance cover is a must. Here are some of the rules that should be remembered in order to avoid faults and gain a clear round.

  • The horse should cross all the hurdles and reach the final destination without knocking off anything that too in the given order and stipulated amount of time.
  • If there are any missing jumps, the horse should remember not to jump on those. To achieve this, the riders can take the horse for a walk through the ground and only show the obstacles that have to be jumped upon. In this way the horse can remember not to jump on the other ones.
  • At times horses might have to jump at an angle instead of a simple or straight jump. Care should be taken that they do not knock off the obstacles during such times. To achieve this, the rider will have to dramatically adjust the stride.
  • Unlike dressage, which highlights the co-ordination between the horse and the rider, show jumping focuses mainly on the skills of the horse. The horse has to be bold, confidant and accurate in its calculation of height to crack this.

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